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The conference room is an important part of the office and hotel building. The conference room is main space of the organizations, which is organize the meetings, trainings and seminars with foreign and domestic partners and branches. It determines face of the organization and how successful work in the business.

Our Company supplies conference system equipment and products of leading Asia- Pacific region brands of Polycom, Gonsin and Yealink companies to the Mongolian market and installs the solutions which vary from the simplest to the most advanced in relation with needs of our clients.

We quarantee the quality for the our equipments. 



Advantages of the video conference system:

  • To manage and organize conference and training activities of the organization;
  • To show all the branches and units on a big-sized screen;
  • To record the conference;
  • To show conference and training materials directly from PC;
  • To access conference and training materials by clients directly if those materials are uploaded to the server in advance;
  • To send text information while the video conference is in progress;
  • To connect clients with each other not-through the server;
  • To monitor status and order of all the conferences;
  • To place customer information at one place; and
  • To participate in the conference from smart devices and PCs on top of the dedicated terminals.

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