Nurse call system or disabled persons call system

COMMAX Nurse call system or disabled persons call system provides a “One-Stop” communication solution for an intelligent hospital system.

The call system make it ideal for use in hospitals, homes, hotels, supervised apartments and day center.

The call system can be upgrade hotel rating and it’s must have solution in the hospital. When installing this system will fully furnish 1 or 2 rooms in the hotel and every inpatient room.

The system is comprised of a set of pushbuttons and wireless sensors which make it possible for nursing staff to keep track at all times of the state of each patient or resident, thereby increasing their safety and comfort.


Блокын гарчиг / img
Блокын гарчиг / img

The call system is including bed head console, operating room call system, operating room foot switch, operating room arm switch, nurse station, extended emergency switch, presence switch, call cord switch, pillow speaker and main panel.

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