Portable radio station (Walkie talkie)

Portable radio station is a communication device, which is mutually connected to each other within a particular distance by using a particular frequency, which is adjusted to it.

Portable Radio station is a mandatory communication device for real time in direct or group communication between the organisation’s security, service and workers of the hotels and restaurants.

We supply MOTOROLA and CLARIGO brand Portable Radio stations, repater and their components for free at an organization-approved frequency.

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Portable Radio station is divided into 2 categories, emergency management and consumer system.

Consumer system has 2 types, digital and analogue.

Analogue shall talk to each other by adjusting the radio stations on a particular wave.

Digital shall have an accurate radio wave spector so the voices will be heard clearly.

  • Portable Radio station
  • Fixed station – with fixed antenna
  • Mobile Base Station with car intercom system – with mobile antenna
  • Retransmitting station – stations can connect with each other from far distance freely.

System specipications:

  • Frequency 400-470MHz
  • Channel capacity 128
  • Operations temperature -30°C-+ 55°C
  • Weight 240gr – 980gr
  • Able to additional headphones
  • Battery life 12 - 18 hours

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