| QUESTION: What is an alarm system?

ENGINEER: Let's recall the physics lesson about sound. Scattering, reflection, refraction and absorption are usually classified as natural or artificial. Nowadays, the concept of a building warning system is becoming more widespread throughout the world. For example, make a melody to people inside, transmit information, and in case of emergency say “calm down”, “pay attention”, “evacuation is in progress”, as in the movie, and safely take people out into the street. Very simple, but very useful in life, right?


| QUESTION: Tell us how the system works.

ENGINEER: An integrated system consisting of a microphone, amplifier, speakers and a connection control device. It can play human voices, musical instruments or recorded music, as well as increase or decrease the volume.

 |Where can I install the system?

ENGINEER: Available in all types of buildings, depending on destination. Shopping centers, schools, hospitals, offices, trade fairs, factories, art and sports stadiums, churches, small and medium restaurants, bars and airports - all these are “gods created by man, and others created by builders”.


  | QUESTION: How to choose the function for the building?

ENGINEER: Let's take an example of a hotel building. On the first floor there will be quiet music, a selection of modern and old songs in the restaurant on the second floor, cafes, shops and other services, and you can choose music that suits your style. They are independent from each other and are divided into separate regions. Then the speakers can be installed on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor, depending on the accessory, their natural color and shape.


  • Offers customers DSPPA products with experience in this field since 1988.
  • Another advantage of this product is the ability to integrate with a fire alarm system. In the event of a fire alarm, a public announcement can be made to save lives and protect property.
  • All this is done by a team of professional engineers and technicians based on the design and wishes of the customer.