| THE QUESTION: What is an analog radio station?

SAYS THE ENGINEER: Designed to perform flawlessly in the toughest conditions. These include:

  • Fall onto a hard surface
  • Temperature change (dry, cool)
  • Dust ingress
  • It is resistant to wind and rain and of course connects every team member at the most important moment.

| THE QUESTION: How it works?

SAYS THE ENGINEER: People call it a microwave radio station or "two-way radio". All of this refers to the same station, but is named differently depending on the network coverage used in it. For example:

  • VHF (Very high frequency)
  • UHF (Ultra high frequency)
  • MHz (Megahertz)

| THE QUESTION: Simply put.

SAYS THE ENGINEER: In a world where communication technologies are constantly evolving, there has always been one thing: There is no substitute for the voice.

In other words, they are connected to each other at a certain distance using a given frequency.

| THE QUESTION: How did communication develop in Mongolia?

 SAYS THE ENGINEER: Communication in Mongolia has been developing rapidly for 800 years. These include:

  • In 1235, Genghis Khan's third son, Ugudey Khan built a horse station.
  • 1898 Telegraph service
  • In 1913, Ikh Khuree, the capital of Ulaanbaatar had a manually operated mobile telephone exchange for 25 users.
  • The radio works quickly, safely and easily in real time - WHY?! To talk to each other, press the button

| THE QUESTION: In what field is it suitable for use?

SAYS THE ENGINEER: Sectors of government and all business are available. For example:

EDUCATION - School safety is always №1 priority. To ensure the safety of students and staff, teachers must be able to communicate more confidently no matter what is happening around them. You can take action at a critical time or even report that school buses are picking up your children

CONSTRUCTION - Whether you are the manager who communicates with your team or the employee who operates the electrical system in a new building, you can use the Radio to solve problems and improve your performance

HEALTHCARE - Can be used by emergency providers, nursing calls and service providers for people with disabilities

HOSPITALITY - One step ahead of the competition

MINING It has to do with automation, efficiency and productivity

OIL&GAS - Keeping your employees informed and informed is the key to a safe and efficient workplace

SECURITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – Two-way radio communications for security professionals

TRANSPORTATION&LOGISTICS - Reliable communication in today's fast-paced work environment

RECREATION - The resort industry is growing so fast that customers love fast service.

| THE QUESTION: What are the benefits?

SAYS THE ENGINEER: When operating in windy conditions, a “radio station” is a technology that reduces wind noise several times more than a conventional cell phone. We have also been working with MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS for many years. Most recently, the organization has implemented TETRA Digital Radio solutions in the Government sectors to ensure the safety of the Romanian public and citizens. We also supply our customers with analog and digital radios.

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