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Our company professionally installs and supplies Korean brand Commax Audio, Video intercom and Smart Home systems in a professional manner in accordance with customer specifications and requirements.

New Telecom has been an official partner of Commax, the world's leading smart construction technology company, since 2005. Commax manufactures about 1,257 products, content and applications, and is a world leader in the industry, providing products and services in more than 120 countries. As part of the partnership, our engineers have been fully trained by Commax and officially certified. Based on this experience, we will develop solutions in the Mongolian market at a professional level, manage the project, install and configure the installation in accordance with international standards, and ensure full post-installation reliability and provide a high level of professional service.


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  • Smart home system - This system is connected to the Internet and can control and control devices such as home fire alarms, burglar alarms, surveillance cameras, air conditioners, gas valves, as well as lights and curtains.
  • Smart IP System - This system has Android operating system, power consumption management, guest recognition function, voice mail, alarm, schedule, elevator call, apartment package information search, video and voice calls between households, and surveillance camera connection. is the type that connects to the server.
  • 2-wire intelligent system - System security and lighting control, gas and infrared sensor smartphone control is a system that does not require a connection to a server connected by a 2-wire cable.
  • Smart Gateway System - This system is an intelligent residential network system that does not require an efficient and easy-to-install server to provide unified management such as unlimited scalability, remote control and security features.
  • Multifunctional Smart System - The MODUM system combines a variety of different functions to create a new door access control solution that can handle all connections at once, including audio, video, surveillance cameras, guard consoles, and smartphone applications. The MODUM system is the best model with the most possible and flexible solution to convert to unlimited expandable user needs.
  • Entrance door system - A fully secure access system that is more suitable for small and medium-sized apartment complexes. It is an inexpensive solution that is easy to expand and install, and can be accessed with passwords and cards.
  •  Smart Video Phone - Wireless network connection, smart videophone over the Internet, and smartphone apps allow you to control the door.
  • Audio Intercom - There are two options for interacting with the guest: not only to open the entrance door, but also to contact the guard.

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