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Using high quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment can help protect your hardware against damage from unexpected power failures or unclean power. UPS devices provide power backup to your system, ensuring that there is no interruption between your computer system and the main power supply.

New Telecom LLC supply and install world- class UPS brands of APC, EATON and Santak.

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Advantages of the UPS:

  • Types – Backup, Line interactive, On-line
  • Power – At least 20% more than the power used by the plugged-in device
  • Working time –The working time depends on the number of amperes per hour, the number of batteries, and the efficiency of the converter.
  • Voltage –220V-220W, 380W-220W, 380W-380W power supplies depending on the voltage of the device to be connected
  • Voltage adjustment range - What is the percentage of 220V output at the output when the line voltage fluctuates between 25-30% or 160W-300W

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