Private branch exchange

Private branch exchange is the simplest method of free and express communication between employees and branches/units to ease the organization’s activities.

Our Company selects the equipment solution for public telephone service, light and heavy industry, hotels and business entities in relation with their particular requirements and features and is responsible for further extensions and maintenance services.

We are installing analogue telephone and digital telephone set of the world-class brands of Bittel, NEC and Siemens (HiPath).

IP private branch exchange system- IP PBX system makes the communication based on Internet protocol. It supports the inter-connection that requires a lot of capacity, such as voice, image and additional contents etc.

Analogue & IP private branch exhcnage system- This is an advanced technology that developed analogue and IP solutions as a single system. As per the client requested, some connections shall be analogue and some connections shall be IP connection.

Analogue PBX system- It’s recommended to an office or service with a few users, who are all placed in a same place. This is a traditional system with cheap price and simple solution.


Advantages of the Private Branch Exchange System:

  • Able to use phone numbers of Univision, Skymedia and Telecom Mongolia
  • For internal users to call each other free and/or to connect each other immediately;
  • To save cost by using a few external numbers by multiple users;
  • To program incoming and outgoing calls in relation with the necessity/usage;
  • To save inefficient moves such as go to a desk on where a phone is ringing while the person is doing his/her job etc. and to transfer the call to the person’s desk or to transfer it to others;
  • To transfer the incoming call through automatic responder;
  • To organize an audio conference among internal and external users (3-8 users as standard, 30 or more users as extended);
  • Flexible payment system;
  • Day/night mode or to program the user’s incoming or outgoing rights in a timely different manner;
  • Automatic responder, sending/receiving fax;
  • Training, product presentation (Web Collaboration);
  • Text message (Chat)
  • Call registry – To register all the calls’ date & time, phone number, full name, job position, call type (incoming or outgoing), continuity time of the call etc. on the call registry;
  • Fax – Users of myPortal for Desktop and myPortal for Outlook can send/receive fax;
  • To use smartphone/tablet-based software; and
  • To establish a call center and many others.

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