Time logging and access control system

Security time logging and access system

A system designed to allow authorized visitors into other rooms and doors to the required rooms. In case of emergency, doors and rooms with all access systems can be programmed to open and close.

Newtelecom LLC is an official partner of ZKTeco and ANVIZ, which are leading manufacturers, quality and models in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of time and access system.

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Блокын гарчиг / img

Time accounting and access control systems are:

  • Fingerprint
  • Password
  • Card
  • Recognize and read by face.

Advantages of the system:

  • Register up to 3,000 users with your finger
  • Register up to 500-1000 users per page
  • Get information - Flash drive, internal network (admin rights)
  • Mongolian and English
  • An additional 12W battery is available
  • It has a color screen

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