Public addressable system

Integration with fire and security systems is possible to provide information to the public, music and pre-prepared audio commercials, audible alarms, etc. in a timely manner, and to provide timely information in the event of a disaster or emergency.

We can provide the DSPPA warning system, which is the leading among the Asia-Pacific countries, into multi-level zones for installation in harsh environments in offices, service centers, shops and hotels, and each can be divided into FM radio and CD. Provides smart solutions such as DVD, FLASH disc playback, speaker and amplifier connection.

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Advantages of the system:

  • Control device (integrated or regional control of the placed speakers)
  • Automatic or specialized broadcasting, summons, low and medium volume background music, emergency alarm
  • By integrating the entire alarm system with surveillance cameras, fire alarms, and intercom systems, centralized monitoring from the control room through an integrated network can be performed more efficiently.

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